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Mete Ulubas - International Broker

Mete Ulubas - International Broker

Clearwater, FL, US

My name is Mete Ulubas and I am from the Mediterranean.

After long years of international business management roles in companies like Motorola and after my trial to produce organic wines out of my own vineyards finally I have decided to become an International Yacht broker.

I have been Cruising, Sailing ,Fishing, Boating all over the World for quite some time now. Half of the year I am in the Mediterranean and the other half in Florida & Long Island, NY.

I always try to build a bridge between the seller and the buyer in my professional life and I never forget the importance of empathy since we are all human beings with different characters and interests at the end of the day.

My job is to listen, understand and take the necessary actions and do my best to help you sell/buy your boat.

Mete can be contacted in English or Turkish.

Last but not least I would like to share with you one of my favorites, Moments by Jorge Luis Borges.



If I could live my life again

I’d try to make more mistakes,

I wouldn’t try to be so perfect,

I’d be more relaxed,

I’d be more true-to-life than I was.


In fact, I’d take fewer things seriously,

I’d be less hygienic,

I’d take more risks,

I’d take more trips,

I’d watch more sunsets,

I’d climb more mountains,

I’d swim more rivers,

I’d go to more places I’ve never been,

I’d eat more ice cream and less lime beans,

I’d have more real problems and less imaginary ones.


I was one of those people who live prudent and prolific lives each minute of their existence.

Of course did I have moments of joy yet if I could go back I’d try to have good moments only.

In case you don’t know: that’s what life is made of.


I was one of those who never go anywhere,

without a thermometer,

without a hot-water bottle,

without an umbrella,

without a parachute.


If I could live again

I’d travel light,

I’d try to work barefoot,

from Spring to Fall,

I’d ride more carts,

I’d watch more sunrises,

play with more kids.


If I could live my life again

– but now I am 85,

and I know I am dying.


Current Inventory

Listings by Mete Ulubas
8 result(s)
  • Gulet Ketch

    2007 Gulet Ketch
    Fethiye, TR
    138 ft - 42.06 m
  • Classic Yawl

    1936 Classic Racing/Cruise Yawl
    La Liane Marseille, FR
    57 ft - 17.37 m
  • Arctic Sailing Research Vessel Oceanographic Polar Scientific

    2013 Arctic Sailing Research Vessel Oceanographic Polar Scientific
    Warsaw, PL
    56 ft - 17.07 m
  • Henze Werft Jade X Holyk

    1991 Cruiser/Racer Henze Werft Jade X Holyk
    Ibiza, ES
    52 ft - 15.85 m
  • Azzurro A50

    2017 Azzurro A50
    Istanbul, TR
    50 ft - 15.24 m
  • Azzurro

    2017 Azzurro
    Istanbul, TR
    34 ft - 10.36 m
  • BORA&AS YACHT 33ft Sword

    2017 BORA&AS YACHT Aluminum 33ft Sword
    Istanbul, TR
    33 ft - 10.06 m
  • Rega Yachts Libertist 850 Trimaran

    2017 Rega Yachts Libertist 850 Trimaran
    Unknown, PL
    28 ft - 8.53 m

Sold Inventory

Listings by Mete Ulubas
1 result(s)
  • MacGregor 26M

    2012 MacGregor 26M
    26 ft - 7.92 m

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