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  • Kirk Muter

    Kirk Muter

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    Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
  • About Kirk:

    Kirk is a very experienced boatsman, having owned 17 boats in the past 30 years, ranging from sail boats, to motoryachts, to large pilothouse trawlers. He has enjoyed boating in some of the best waters on earth, including the pristine coastline of the Pacific Northwest from Washington to British Columbia, and the waters off California from San Diego to San Francisco, having first been introduced to boats on the Great Lakes and finally the waters of South Florida. As far as Kirk is concerned, “there’s no other place to be, but on the water”.

  • Testimonial:


    Thanks all for an enjoyable purchase of Charis. I'm back in Louisiana with her, arriving on June 16th.The boat performed great covering 900 miles in 9 days. Weather was off and on because of tropical storm Colin. Only part of trip we experienced an uncomfortable ride...

    Mel and Sissie
    Mel and Sissie

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